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Mike Haynes is the President and founder of this new consulting firm established in 2009. Most recently he served as the Special Advisor to the Commissioner of the National Football League, responsible for providing counsel on player issues.

Mike's professional football career began when he was the fifth player selected in the 1976 draft. He played 14 seasons and was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1997.

He spent a distinguished seven years at Callaway Golf, a global leader in the development and manufacture of golf equipment, with six years as their Global Li-censing Manager prior to being promoted to Vice President of Recreational Golf Development in 2001. He returned to the NFL in 2002 where he led the Player Development Department, which developed and managed programs to help players with transition into and out of the NFL.

Giving back to the community plays a large role in Haynes' philosophy. He is an advocate for retired players' issues. Haynes, now a prostate cancer survivor, is the spokesperson for the American Urological Association Foundation and speaks on their behalf to educate and encourage men to be proactive about their prostate health.

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