Mike Haynes & Associate


Talent leadership development

Talent & Leadership

Human capital is often the largest investment most organization make.

We provide cutting-edge products designed to help top-20% organizations "leverage" their human capital investment to gain a competitive edge.

Marketing, Distribution  Growth & Segmentation

Marketing, Distribution
Growth & Segmentation

Intelligent revenue generation is critical, given finite amounts of resources.

Our team will ask the tough questions and aggressively pursue fresh, performance-driven models while using a holistic approach to help the entire organization.

Fund Raising


In the non-profit sectors, fund raising is the primary source of revenue.

Our team's outside-the-box, new fund raising revenue channel is one-of-a-kind!

Organizational Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

Holistic, infrastructure-savvy strategies are key ingredients to a winning game plan.

We don't take a backseat to any firm, large or small. Our team's committed to contributing high-impact strategies completely designed to enable your organization to achieve breakthrough, record performance.

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