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IceCOLD® is an energy savings product that reduces our customers' cooling and electrical costs by lowering overall energy use and costs associated with maintenance. IceCOLD® is eco-friendly, it works every time, and is money-back guaranteed for commercial, industrial and residential clients.

What Is IceCOLD®

IceCOLD® is a revolutionary breakthrough synthetic solution which is added to your cooling system's refrigerant.

Your system runs less because the vent air is colder.

It extends the air conditioning system's life.

There are applications for residential, commercial, industrial & automotive.

What does IceCOLD® do?

It reduces electric energy cost by 20% or more*.

It delivers colder vent air faster.

It reduces equipment repair cost.

It reduces compressor noise.

It extends equipment life, because the equipment runs cooler.

It lasts for the life of the cooling system coils.

It is the most cost effective way to further enhance system SEER (seasonal energy efficient ratio) performance.

How does IceCOLD® work?

It removes oil fouling.

It Improves coil heat transfer.

It delivers 3+ degrees colder vent air.

It delivers colder air faster

It delivers 54%* higher lubricity to compressor oil.

This allows compressors to run cooler.

It extends the compressor's life, with less maintenance.

*Independent Testing Performed by: Intertek, and Westinghouse. IceCOLD® consistently delivered 20%+ improvement to cooling systems. Typical system installations yield paybacks of less than 1 year.

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