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NFL Hall of Famer Mike Haynes Pushes Simple King-Devick Test to Catch Concussions

If you could conduct a simple, 60-second test to immediately determine whether your athlete suffered a concussion, would you do it? Hall of Fame cornerback Mike Haynes would without a doubt. That's why Haynes, read article »

MH&A Teams up with The Branch Rickey Award

The Branch Rickey Award is a nationally prestigious and coveted honor that recognizes professionals in Major League Baseball for exceptional community service. MH&A will be contributing strategy and distribution consulting to the Executive Committee.

MH&A Launches Play It Forward Solutions, LLC

MH&A has teamed up with WILL Interactive to produce and distribute cutting-edge, interactive training simulations in the Sports, Health Care and Educational marketing segments. MH&A's focus will be on helping at-risk, student-athletes make better choices off the field; in turn, enabling them to reach their potential as both an athlete and a responsible, contributing member in their community. If you're currently a professional trainer and would like to get certified to deliver our one-of-a-kind, award winning simulations, please complete the "Contact Us" information and include your request to become a Certified Practitioner in the "Additional Comments" box. We look forward to possibly teaming up with you to help grow your training practice while you make a positive, social impact in the lives of others.

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