Mike Haynes & Associate


Talent Selection


We understand talent is the lifeblood of winning teams!

Why partner with MH&A?

Our Talent Acquisition and strategy for developing that talent is strictly designed for organizations in, or wanting to be in, the top 20% of their industry.

Healthy Food Alternatives

Healthy Food

We believe the "fuel grade" selected for our and our children's bodies needs challenged!

Why partner with MH&A?

We make it easy for your organization to offer high-quality, healthy products to your workforce, students and clients.

Cutting-Edge & Simulation Training

Cutting-Edge & Simulation Training

We provide premium Simulation products delivered by our Certified Practitioners

Why partner with MH&A?

We offer the best, most advanced level of training available and have an elite client list in multiple industries. Our team of current and former professional / college athletes and top-performing organizational practitioners provide your team with best-in-class training.

Athletic Safety & Performance Products

Athletic Safety &
Performance Products

We are concerned about safety and performance in sports for all athletes, from youth all the way to the professional ranks.

Why partner with MH&A?

We provide custom-fit products that fit better. Our custom-fit products for youths are competitively priced with on-the-shelf products while our high-end products are for the professional and Olympic athletes.

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