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Social Impact

Cut your cooling and electrical costs with IceCOLD® energy solution

IceCOLD® is an energy savings product that reduces our customers' cooling and electrical costs by lowering overall energy use and costs associated with maintenance. IceCOLD® is eco-friendly, it works every time, and is money-back guaranteed for commercial, industrial and residential clients. Read the article

Tempe Sports Authority Recognizes Mike Haynes with the 2014 Courage Awards

The Courage Award Ceremony celebrates exceptional men and women athletes and individuals who triumph over obstacles to rise above physical challenges or overcome significant injury to persevere and achieve their goals. Tempe Sports Authority Foundation has recognized individual's courageous spirit for the past 20 years. Mike Haynes is being recognized for his efforts sharing the message of early prostate cancer detection. A prostate cancer survivor himself, Mike Haynes' work with the Urology Care Foundation is encouraging men all over the country to test for this killer disease. Early detection is the key factor for survival. Read the article

Urology Care Foundation
Mike Haynes needs your help

In 2008, on the morning of the Pro Football Hall of Fame enshrinement, Mike Haynes took a free prostate cancer test, offered to retired players by the NFL Player Care Foundation... READ MORE


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